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The doctors and staff of Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital are committed to a program of comprehensive and high quality care extending from infancy to geriatrics for your pets.


Our Mission


We the doctors and staff of Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital endeavor to provide the highest quality of healthcare to our patients and deliver that care with compassion and enthusiasm. We will maintain the highest ethical and medical standards, and apply the latest in veterinary medical advancements to properly diagnose, treat and care for our client’s pets. We are a team committed to ensure that pets have a happy and healthy life. We will maintain good humor, a friendly environment and a positive attitude. We will seek to educate and communicate with our clients to ensure their understanding of their pet’s health and needs.



News & Alerts


Study: Cancer-linked herbicide found in dogs


Commonly used residential herbicides that have been linked to cancer in dogs and people are picked up by dogs and put people around them at risk, according to new research from Purdue University's Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Certain breeds with a higher incidence of bladder cancer may be more at risk from the chemicals. "The likelihood that children, who share the local environment with their pets, are similarly exposed to these chemicals is high and thus additional studies should be conducted to evaluate this possibility," said veterinarian and epidemiology expert John Reif. To read more, go to: Pesticides and Bladder Cancer



Animals May Play Bigger Role Than Toys in Aiding Autistic Children


Animals can have a greater impact than toys in improving the social behavior of children diagnosed with autism, the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative reported Monday. A study by Marguerite O'Haire, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Queensland in Australia, and three other researchers found that participants demonstrated more social behaviors such as talking, looking at faces and making tactile contact when in the presence of animals compared to toys.


“The presence of an animal appears to encourage socialization among children with autism and their peers,” O'Haire said. “When with an animal, children with autism smiled and laughed more often, were more talkative, and looked at people's faces more than they did when with toys.” The study involved 33 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 66 typically developing peers. Groups of one ASD child and two peers were recorded playing with toys and then with two guinea pigs.

Researchers found that ASD children displayed more pro-social behaviors and positive effects when in the presence of animals compared to toys and less frowning, crying and whining. An estimated one in every 50 U.S. children has ASD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



Top Ten Safest Cars for Pets


Pet safety for furry passengers has been a popular news topic over the past year, with New Jersey considering mandatory seat belts for dogs and cats, and Subaru partnering with the Center for Pet Safety to fund testing of car safety restraints for pets.


Now, a site that provides consumers with automotive information and shopping advice, has released its list of the 10 safest vehicles for pets. Is your car on the top ten list? To find out: Top Ten Cars for Pets



Study suggests dogs comprehend human point of view


If you have a sneaking suspicion that your dog waits until your guard is down to advance on a nearby piece of food, you might be exactly right. A recently published study from the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology found that dogs are four times more likely to take food in a dark room after being forbidden by a human than they are in a lit room. For the full article: dog comprehension



Bethlehem Veterinary Hospital Glenmont Delmar Albany NY

We are asking people to stay in their cars and call upon arrival. Our techs will come out to get your pet and bring him/her into hospital. The histories can taken over the phone or preferably filled out ahead of time.

See below.


Cat History Form


Dog History Form








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